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Mexico Is Heaven For Foodies

Mexico has long been known for its food, and for Westerners, the entire of Latin American food can be described as 'A Mexican'. From Tortillas to Nachos, Tacos and chilli con carne, the Mexican menu at the local restaurant has set the idea of Mexican food in stone. For the most of restaurants in Mexico(restaurantes en mexico), this concept of their food styles has nothing to do with what they really serve, and a foreign visitor to the country may be surprised by the variety of tastes and foods which will be experienced in Mexico's restaurants.

For starters, there are small and stylish snacks known as Equites, that consist of corn, jalapeno strips and herbs, and are offered in almost each street market. They are somewhat like the Mexican popcorn and tourists can instantly find themselves becoming obsessed with the spicy munchies. Then there are snacks which are supplied with drinks, called Botanas, starting from a basic nibble of flavoured Jicama (a turnip-style vegetable) to pig's feet cooked in a tomato sauce. The adventurous want go no further into Mexican restaurants than the bar to experience a variety of tasty dishes.

For the hungry, there are much more spicy and scrumptious meals available at the restaurants in Mexico. For example you could try sampling deer with Yucatan herbs and chillies, or maybe a traditional Pueblo dish with heavily spiced sauce. There are also a variety of soups and stews which rely upon the spices of the chilli along with tomatoes and peppers.

You can even notice a variety of garnishes made from simple things such as sesame seeds, or even squash flowers which are then covered with a light whisked topping. Even something as ordinary to Mexicans as Bean Tamales could be turned into a feast for tourists when created in latest Mexican restaurants.

There are also a variety of restaurants in Mexico(restaurantes en mexico) which believe in combining the experimental Mexican cuisine of tradition with foods and flavours from around the world. Biko works to combine normal European cooking, such as a basic boiled chicken, with Mexican foods, also using crushed popcorn to beautify a dish. Other restaurants choose to utilise the Huitlacoche, a fungus which is the Mexican equivalent of a truffle, and is just as exquisitely utilized in several modern dishes. All of these totally different flavours assist to show off the Mexican restaurant to tourists who could only have a bastardized version of what is very on offer in this vibrant and thrilling country.